čtvrtek 20. července 2017


Hi, my dear readers ♥

As I said in the previous post, the season of summer adventures started in May on one exceptionally busy weekend. I already wrote about German ComicCon, ArtMuc fair and today is on the schedule  true tourist post !

We planned to visit Salzburg for quite a while, but the weather was either bad or too hot to spend the day walking through historical streets. I was in Salzburg once already with a school trip and it was a wild ride for Christmas markets, it was cold, dark, we spent most of the day in traffic jam and I rememeber only how we bought this super-sweet apple on the stick covered in candy which was impossible to consume without getting a sugar overdose :D

This time I finally saw more :) The day was nice and sunny, we took Satan with us and made a tour around the whole town. We had a lunch at gluten-free pizzera Beccofino with a super-kind staff and delicious food. Then we went throught the small cute streets, gardens, climbed to the castle, wandered around in the heat (it got pretty warm at the noon) and in the evening we had a little snack at Modern Art Museum café which has a wonderful view on the Salzburg castle ♥

We definetelly plan to go back, probably in autumn, because I need to see the view from the castle with colorful trees *o* Also the Modern Art museum sounds like a good place to visit ... 

And now for some photos !

this was the creepiest and coolest underground passage I've ever visited *o*
I think it's actually a vault, a huge, long big-ass vault in the hill with the castle on the top ! 

 (no insta filters added - we've got a new camera lens from Murhaaya as gift ♪ )


say goodbye to my dreadlock bun, only one post left and it's gone :D

This is my favourite photo I took in Salzburg ♥
I love how you can see mountains behind the castle, it's giving this city such a fantasy magical atmosphere !

I hope you're all doing fine :)
Have a beautiful day, eveyone ♥

úterý 11. července 2017


Hi, my dear readers ♥

The busy summmer is here ! I have so much to write about, but only very little time to sit down and make posts :D That's why I'm a bit late and today I'm going to show you a few pictures from an event we visited in May ... May was the beginning of busy summer - since then every weekend is booked already, we're making trips, hikes, we're having visits, concerts and 1000 other things to do ♥ 

This was especially busy long weekend in May - there was a national holiday on Thursday and free day on Friday + weekend and we had schedule for every day. On Thursday we went on ArtMuc, on Friday to Salzburg, on Saturday was ComicCon and ...yeah, I've already forgotten what was on Sunday :D

Today I want to show you a few photos and my "crinkled" outfit from day we visited an art fair ARTMUC. It was on Praterinsel, same as the Art Stroke last year and there was a lot of artists selling their art... I, personally, was a bit disapointed about it, because I didn't manage to find many artworks I liked... I had a feeling like there was a lot of rivality between artists, trying to sell abstract paintings with "no life" for a very high price to rich people who came for a new decoration for their luxurious Munich appartements :D
(Art Stroke was more like a fair, with artists having fun and showing their works to the world, happy about every sold postcard with print of their artworks... )

We walked through the fair, I took some photos of my favourite pieces, we had a wine at the bar and then we slowly walked home, because the day was quite nice :)

And now for my crinkled outfit !
I didn't notice it was in SUCH A DIRE NEED of ironing until I saw these photos D: So I apologize in advance for the mess ! It wasn't THAT visible in real life, I promise ♪

I got this dress from Veni's closet cleaning and I really like the mint colour ♥ I combined it with black and most importantly with my new cutest enamel AVOCADO CAT pin from PONY PEOPLE !

I hope you're all doing fine ♥
Have a beautiful day, everyone !

pondělí 3. července 2017

German ComicCon Munich

Hi, my dear readers ♥

At the end of May I decided to visit German ComicCon, which  took place in Munich for the first time - it's a pop culture convention happening in variety of German cities, with a famous guests, cosplay contest, artist alley and a big shopping area ♪
I have to confess that I'm getting a bit sad and envious every time I see photos of my friends having fun at conventions, wearing cosplays and let out their inner geeks for a whole weekend :D 
Unfortunatelly I live in a city where are no famous big conventions and it's too far away for me to travel to any. Honza doesn't like these things at all and an idea of going on convention with me dressed funny, pay for the ticket and be surrounded by fans all day is like nightmare to him :D that's why I decided to go, even though I had to go alone. eeek!

The con was a bit smaller than I expected, but I was still happy that I went :) I liked the atmosphere, talked to a few people, bought some cute stuff at artist alley and also Mass Effect t-shirt :D hu he he

At first I was determined to go as a casual random dalish elf, but... I chickened out (¬_¬) So I put on some of my Hufflepuff gear collection and went as a proud potterhead ! 

Confession n.2 (or did you notice already?) - I love cosplay ♥ Seriously, I admire all this work cosplayers are putting in their costumes - make-up skills, big-ass armors, role-play, wig styling, painting, 3D printing, etc. etc. *o* No wonder, cosplay stalking was one of the main things I was looking forward to :D
I even overcame my inner socially-awkward-peguin and asked some people for photos and then forgot which language I speak and just made this 👍👍👍 and ran away :D

I hope it's OK to share these here ? Unfortunatelly cosplayers don't have business cards, like artists do, so I can't tag them on photos T_T so sad ! Let me know, if you recognize anyone ♪

aww Newt :3 

That Saruman look :D 

I don't even play Overwatch, but these guys were my favourite ♥ 

 ...also these two *o* (what a clever idea to make a Carl cosplay as a girl !)

Sera ♥ ♥ ♥
I would love to make Sera cosplay, too btw.

there was a girl inside of this dalek :) 

this woman was insane *o* such a huge costume !

...and few random photos of things I saw there

 you could sit inside the DeLorean and get a photo :) if you weren't alone like me

 Governor's office :D

And here's my loot !

(the End Times graphic novel is SO GOOD)

he he... I'm still too broke to buy Andromeda, but this t-shirt was on sale so I couldn't leave without it

I also managed to squeeze through the crowd and see the panel with actresses from The Walking Dead and was too shy to get an autograph from Alfie Allen / Theon Greyjoy (he's so cute ≧◉◡◉≦ )... I think that I would never be able to pay for the photo-booth with famous actors, I would feel so awkward :D ha ha they're like normal humans with face of my favourite characters... so weird ...

I hope I will find courage to visit more conventions in the future !
I would love to go to Leipziger Buchmesse or meet people I know at AnimeFest again, but it's both so far away ... fuu

I hope you're all doing fine !
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pondělí 26. června 2017

Murhaaya in Munich

Hi, my dear readers ♥

In May we had one special visit for the whole weekend. Our photographic friend Murhaaya came for the whole weekend, so we can visit some concrete brutalistic architecture, art gallery, take photos and ride skate/long-boards :)

Of course we couldn't miss the opportunity of reunion and had to take some latex photos !

This was a very spontaneous photoshoot, because I had no idea what I'm going to wear until the last minute and also we didn't have any specific location on our minds. But I had a feeling that maybe "our" thrift store would be cool for some shoots. And I was right :)

Lucky for us it was Sunday, so nobody was around to send us away while I was posing in fetish shoes around Christian charity shop :D ha ha 

We took photos on polaroid, analog and digital camera ♪¨
Here's a little selection of my favourites

for more definitelly visit Murhaaya's WEBSITE

this one was taken at underground station Westfriedhof

Appart from taking photos of me, Murhaaya was of course taking photos of (nearly) everything and cought some nice moments of me and Honza on camera - which is quite rare to see, since we always travel in two and have very small amount of photos where we are together :)

this should have been our wedding invitation card

I hope you're all doing fine and surviving the warm weather !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥